Man charged with beating teen with a stick

Willie Laday | Photo: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Willie Laday, 42, is charged with aggravated assault for allegedly beating a Jefferson County teen with a tree limb as well as random wood, according to an indictment handed up against the Port Arthur man on Oct. 18.

According to the indictment against Laday, the victim was wounded on the arm, shoulder, abdomen, and back.

Port Arthur Police Department Officer R. Daws said he arrived at the scene to learn from the 15-year-old victim that Laday allegedly “armed himself with a tree limb” after the two became involved in a verbal dispute that quickly escalated. According to the complainant, Laday hit him hard in the arm with the tree limb, causing his elbow to bruise and swell.

“When Laday hit the complainant with the stick, it broke,” Daws reported. “Laday then armed himself with a nearby large piece of wood and attempted to continue to assault the complainant,” before ultimately stating that, “he was going to murder the complainant.”

“Neighbors had to come out of their homes to get Laday away from the complainant,” Daws stated.