Man cut during altercation with woman in Orange


Police responded to a call from a man with an apparent knife wound who had allegedly been cut during an altercation with a woman in the 1600 block of Georgia Street in Orange on Dec. 8, Orange Police Department (OPD) Capt. Robert Enmon reports. 

According to Enmon, officers were dispatched to F.M. 1006 and E. Roundbunch Road in reference to an assault victim at approximately 5:30 a.m. Officers arrived and located 30-year-old Joseph Michell inside a vehicle at the location with a cut to his left forearm. 

A woman in the car, 22-year-old Roxanne Castaneda, told officers the assault had occurred at a Georgia Street residence. She said she and her boyfriend, Michell, were home when a group of men invaded their residence and assaulted Michell with a knife. Enmon said it took "about 38 seconds" of questioning by a detective for the officer to realize Castaneda was being dishonest.

"Initally, she was telling us a big lie," Enmon asserted. "It didn't take long for her story to fall apart."

After failing to deceive the detective, Castaneda reportedly admitted she was the one who assaulted Michell with a knife. She told officers he had become physically violent during an argument, and she cut him in self-defense, said Enmon. However, investigators said she appeared unharmed. Castaneda was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and transported to Orange County Jail.

Michell was transported by ambulance to St. Elizabeth hospital in Beaumont for treatment.

"He was in very serious condition," Enmon said of Michell. "He had a severed artery. He went immediately into surgery at the hospital."

Michell was last reported in stable condition.