Man indicted for murder over dice game

Man indicted for murder over dice game

A Beaumont man was indicted Thursday, March 14 for murdering his cousin in cold blood after an argument over a dice game.

According to an investigative summary obtained by The Examiner, on Feb. 27, Lance Jacoby Moore, 26, was playing dice with his cousin on Dusty Lane around 11 p.m. when the two became engaged in an argument. At least one shot was fired at Moore’s cousin, Lorenzo Simon, 41, of Beaumont, hitting him in the foot.

Witnesses then told police as the now deceased Simon tried to leave, Moore retrieved a high-power rifle from his home, took the prone position and fired at his cousin from a long distance, striking Simon in the back.

At least one 30-30 caliber shell was found in the street, according to the documents and Simon “bleeds out” before paramedics arrived.

Although Moore claimed self-defense in the shooting, police arrested him without incident and he later confessed to the shooting, according to police.