Man pleads with police to take him back to jail

Man pleads with police to take him back to jail

Early Wednesday morning, police in Orange arrested a man who was pleading with them to be taken to jail.

According to a police report from OPD, officers arrested 29-year-old Michael Wayne White for class B possession of synthetic marijuana after receiving a report that the man was making threatening calls to a family member from a pay phone at 3709 N. 16th Street in Orange at approximately 1:26 a.m. on May 29. OPD Officer Tim Pruitt responded to the call and arrived at the scene "in less than a minute," according to the report. Pruitt reported that when he arrived, he saw White sitting on a park bench nearby with an open pocket knife in his hand. According to the officer, White said, "I am going to kill someone."

The officer ordered the man to put the knife down and lay on the ground on his stomach. Pruitt then handcuffed the suspect who admitted he had "Kush," a brand of synthetic marijuana, in his pocket, the report stated. According to the reporting officer, White said he had spent ten years in prison and did not want to live outside of jail. Upon searching the man, police discovered two bags, one opened and one unopened, of the Kush the man said he possessed. He was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail.



Man Begs Police To Take Him To Jail

He Should Have Just Knocked On The Door To The Jail. " Why Waste Our Tax Dollars , Officers Gas & Time ". We Need Them On The Streets, Protecting Us. He Just Used Our Police Dept. For A Taxi Service. "Hey Fool, Next Time Take The Bus Or Walk Your Butt To Jail ".

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