Man shoots girlfriend's ex-husband dead

Hardin County badge

One man is dead after he was shot during a domestic disturbance in Village Mills, north of Kountze. 

According to a Hardin County Sheriff's Office press release, Troy Marshall, 50, forced his way into the home of his ex-wife, Denise Marshall, 47, after he had been drinking and began to choke her.

Denise’s live-in boyfriend, who police identified as Wallace Hooks, 22, made for a .40 caliber handgun and fired several shots, killing Troy Marshall before police arrived. 

The shooting is still under investigation and no arrests have been made, the press release said.



Troy Marshall

I knew Troy and had a few classes with him in high school, I guarantee you he did not do this! Troy was a good man, a man's man and would not have done that to this woman! If you knew Troy and his demeanor, you would agree! For the sake of Troy's family, please investigate this further!

Troy Marshall was my dad and

Troy Marshall was my dad and Denise my biological mother however i dont claim her AT ALL i was doing some searching on her arrest record and this story happened to pop up just so everyone know i tried several times to talk to the people at hardin co and no one would ever take my statement and all my calls were avoided! i was on the phone with my dad right before he was asked to come over there if they would look at phone records they would see that my dad was not drunk! and they were still married he however was living with me because a few months before he came home from work and she was in bed with that child who is 5 years younger than me the boys father and boys fathers boss also stated the boy asked them both a week and two weeks BEFORE the MURDER and the boss boss told me himself that he said this to the cops several people that i know have tried to get hardin co to take their statement and have had no luck after so many times calling and hearing yes we will come talk to u and it never happened people just gave up....also another fun fact the investigator on my dads murder was charged with child pornography...way to go ed cain!

Troy Marshall

I only knew Troy for a short time but this doesn't take a csi detective to figure out this was a setup. I pray Hardin county gets the job done right

Ed Cain... PLEASE There is a

Ed Cain... PLEASE There is a cover up on the part of Denise Lumpkin Marshall!!! Everyone knows it Troy was NOT EVER THE ILL
-HEARTED PERSON!!!!! DENISE LUMPKIN MARSHALL,the insane woman makes him out to be!!!! I have know the both of the for more than 30years... there were times her ill manners and unladylike behavior she should have been chocked... BUT THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!! HE LOVED HER... MAYBE SHE MIGHT COME CLEAN ON VALENTINES DAY. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THEIR ANNIVERSARY!!!!That man was the best thing that ever happen to her sorry soul. The point is "THE ONLY ONE THAT WOULD EVER TELL THE TRUTH IS DEAD!!!!" I AM WITH SO MANY OTHERS BEGGING FOR HARDIN COUNTY TO PLEASE BRING THE RESPONCEABLE TO ACCOUNT FOR THIS!!! There are so many hearts that are broken over this.It is a matter of justice.all of the many people that loved him deserve that!!! If the police were to interview her friends they would find the slip up, just like Denise, never give the same story twice... there's always more!

wow you know my biological

wow you know my biological mother well..whoever you are i would like to speak with you if u have a fb please look me up i would like to thank u at least over the phone for telling the truth about her....she is such a bad person and yes never tells the same story twice and i dout she will come clean even on valentines all their aniversary ment to her was a paycheck just like my dad thats all he ever was and as for me most people who knew her didnt even know she had a daughter untill i was about 17 she was to busy running around spending my dads money on drugs and sleeping with underage boys i was always with my dad my only real parent!

Troy Marshall MURDER

This story is more than fishy... it STINKS. I sure hope Hardin County Officers get the truth out of those two. Don't know if it is drugs or greed (divorces include property settlements). Don't believe this "boyfriend" is NEW... betcha she had him hanging around for 2+ years. Also wonder who was loading what onto a trailer out of the back of the house Sunday Afternoon.

Rest in peace Troy

I have worked with Troy for almost nine years and to hear of this has truly hurt me.A man who has always done what he could to help other people shot down this way is saddening.He leaves a lot of co-workers (friends)stunned wondering why and how this could have happened>I know I speak for all when I say that I hope the "real" truth comes out and that Troy can rest in peace. He will truly be missed.My condolences to to his daughter and the rest of his family.

Troy was too good of a dude

Troy was too good of a dude to go out like this man. Going to work don't Even
feel the same knowing Troy not come out of know where cracking a joke putting a smile on everyone face he came in contact with.


I have know Troy and Denise for close to 35 years. I can tell you this is not the way he was. As for Troy's wife Denise and her boyfriend maybe you should drug test them. I bet you will find crack. That is what this was all about.

thank you for ur words troy

thank you for ur words troy was my dad and yes they should have been tested!

Rest in paradise Troy

Rest in paradise Troy Marshall you was a cool dude and I'm Sadden to hear. About this
my condolences to the family. PS Troy was a stand up Guy man I hate this happened to him

Troy Marshall

Mr.Marshall was a very nice man. He and my mother were very close friends. Just reading and hearing about the murder doesn't truly makeany sense. Mr.Marshall was the type of guy who would give you the shirt off his back. I wish I was old enough to step up and say something. Anybody who see this and is old enough please step up and say something. We all just hope that they get toqto the bottom of it.

I worked with Troy in the

I worked with Troy in the past, your description is very fitting. Something about this case does sound very fishy. Hopefully after the investigation more questions will be answered. Regardless of the outcome, I will be praying for Troy and his family.

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