Man throwing beer bottles arrested in Orange

Man throwing beer bottles arrested in Orange

Officers in Orange arrested an allegedly drunk man causing a disturbance and throwing beer bottles in the driveway of his home on Monday, May 26, police report.

According to a police report from the Orange Police Department, officers responded to a second call in a single day regarding a man in the 2600 block of 7th Street in Orange playing music loudly and throwing beer bottles. After the first call, officers report responding and asking the man, later identified as 66-year-old Howard Lee Hill of Orange, to turn down the blaring music and to calm down. He agreed at the time, but later, dispatch received another call from a neighbor of the man who told police the man was still being loud and disorderly.

Upon arrival at the scene at approximately 10:11 p.m., officers reportedly found Hill lying on the ground behind his vehicle with loud music playing. He complied with officers requests to turn down the music, but continued to be "loud, threatening, and argumentative" with the police and the reporting neighbor who was at the scene. During the incident, the staggering man fell across a pile of wood, according to officers at the scene. Because the man was staggering to the point of falling making him a danger to himself, and due to the presence of an unknown alcoholic beverage emitting from the man's person, officer arrested Hill for public intoxication. He was transported to Orange Baptist Hospital for evaluation and treatment, then taken to the Orange County Jail.



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