Man walking in roadway strikes passing vehicle

Man walking in roadway strikes passing vehicle

A man refusing to comply with police after reportedly walking in a roadway and striking a vehicle with his fist was Tased and arrested in Orange on Monday, May 26, police report.

According to the Orange Police Department, officers were dispatched to the 1300 block of 16th Street at approximately 2:20 p.m. in reference to a report that a young male was walking south in the middle of the roadway on 16th and struck a black Toyota truck with his fist. Responding officers reportedly observed the man, later identified as Phillip Jones of Orange, walking in the road when an adjacent sidewalk was available.

An officer reports he attempted to make contact with the suspect, but the man would not comply with police directives. After being told to stop "several times," according to the report, OPD Officer Stephen Ward threatened to use his Taser if the man would not stop. At that point, Ward reports, the subject told him to shoot him as he continued to walk away. Ward then reportedly deployed his X26 Taser, striking Jones in the middle of the back.

"The Taser was immediately effective and the black male fell to the ground," Ward's report reads.

The Taser prongs were then removed while at the scene, according to OPD, and the wounds treated with alcohol and bandaged.

Jones was taken to the Orange County Jail and booked for Walking on Roadway Where a Sidewalk is Provided (TTC 552.006-MC) and Evading Arrest/Detention (PC 38.04-MB).