Man who accused police of brutality arrested … again

Man who accused police of brutality arrested … again

Footage of Demarcus Brown being forcibly taken into police custody at a Beaumont Wal-Mart in April of 2016 made the habitual criminal quasi famous as an alleged victim of overzealous law enforcement. What the footage doesn’t show, however, is how often Brown is taken into custody.

Out on bond for the Wal-Mart theft charge and probation violation, Brown again found himself in handcuffs at the Beaumont Police Department on Wednesday, March 15, facing yet another theft charge.

Brown has been free on bond since February, when after a brief trial three jurors from a 12-juror panel remained unconvinced of the suspect’s guilt related to the Wal-Mart theft. He is still facing a retrial on that offense as well as corresponding charges from the same event including evading detention. A charge of assaulting a police officer during the course of that arrest was dismissed this past September.

According to a public database search of Brown’s criminal history, the now 26-year-old has been getting in trouble for thefts since he was a teen. Brown was arrested for misdemeanor thefts in Port Arthur and Beaumont in 2010, possession of marijuana in 2013 in Lumberton, and failing to identify and theft in Houston in 2014.

Brown was placed on three years probation for felony theft in Houston in September 2015 but not before being arrested again in Port Arthur in June of 2015 and subsequently in November of 2015, followed by a no contest plea in a case of fleeing from police adjudicated in December 2015.

And, now, according to police reports, Brown is again under arrest – this time accused of possessing marijuana as well as a stolen firearm and miscellaneous property boosted out of neighborhood vehicles as part of a conspiracy of individuals robbing numerous Beaumont homes and vehicles.

Police reports detail multiple officers working multiple incidents going into the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 15. But, one call seemingly solved them all. According to police reports, the department received a call shortly after 3 a.m. reporting a suspicious character or characters tossing unknown materials into the Cowboy Harley-Davidson motorcycle shop dumpster off I-10. Officers arrived and arrested Brown, found to have not only illegal drugs, but the property reported stolen in at least two overnight crimes.

During the course of investigating Brown’s connection to the stolen items, detectives learned information that led them to arrest two more individuals believed to be connected to a spree of crimes – Corbin Branch, 19, and Fredrick Tyson, 21. Police allege Brown, Branch, and Tyson committed at least five auto burglaries between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning when they were apprehended; and all three are believed to be connected to multiple additional auto burglaries, aggravated robberies, and possible residential burglaries.

When officers went to the hotel where Branch and Tyson were stationed with even more stolen goods, both jumped out of the hotel room window and led investigators on a brief foot chase in the area of College Street and I-10. Branch and Tyson were taken into custody, as well as 23-year-old Shedrick Matthews, who was booked for possession of marijuana.

According to police, Branch, Tyson, and Brown were all charged with theft of a firearm. In addition to this crime, police also report Branch was wanted for three motions to revoke felony probation and is a person of interest in two recent Facebook aggravated robberies.