Mayor unsure how document leaked

Mayor unsure how document leaked

Port Arthur Mayor Bobbie Prince remains mystified as to how a draft of the Mercer Report, which involved an outside agency out of Atlanta, Georgia that conducted a performance and management reveiw of the city, ended up with a local media outlet before even she had a chance to look at it.

"I'm upset about it," Prince said from her office on Monday afternoon. "I havent't even seen a piece of paper related to it, but the media has it? That's disgusting I think."

There were rumblings on internet message boards related to Port Arthur politics that the city had the Mercer Group, which is also conducting the city's city manager search, to go back and amend some of the information in the report to reflect better on the city. Prince said that is false.

"Oh gosh no," she said, "that's how these (evaluations) work, they are drafts," she said.

Outgoing City Manager Steve Fitzgibbons who found out about the leaked document on the internet, said "if you find out who leaked the document, let me know," agreeing with the Mayor that there are always more than one draft when it comes to long, comprehensive studies like the Mercer Report.

Both Prince and Fitzgibbons were hoping to have already had the completed version by now, however one of the team members of the Mercer Group had some health issues which has lead to the delay of the final report being released.

Prince said she hopes to see the final report before the end of the year, and that when she does finally see a report, she wants the final copy.

"I don't want to see a draft, I just want to see the final report."