McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge reopens

McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge reopens

Access to McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge was closed Aug. 9 due to potential hazards caused by multiple wildfires. The refuge is now open during its regular operating hours, and the public is welcome to participate in normal recreational activities on the site. Both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service have wildland firefighters working to manage these wildfires and all burnout operations have been a complete success, Ranger Tami Schutter reported. “These wildfires have burned approximately 4,000 acres of the refuge so far, and firefighters will continue to monitor the remaining wildfire, but hazards have been reduced,” she said.

The public is reminded that wildfire conditions could be very dangerous. To keep communities safe from wildfires, do not build campfires or burn trash/debris piles; do not use fireworks; and properly dispose of cigarettes. These wildfires are indicators of the potential for additional wildfires in the near future, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff is expecting the active fire season to continue.



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