Michael Berry Talks hard work, Examiner article

Michael Berry Talks hard work, Examiner article

National radio talk show host Michael Berry gave a shout-out to The Examiner newspaper during his morning show July 20, lauding a recent article about country music legend Tracy Byrd written by Entertainment Editor Chad Cooper, extolling the virtues of hard work and determination.

Heard on more than 20 iHeart Media radio stations across the country in markets such as New York, Atlanta, Nashville, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Portland and seven stations in Texas, Berry told listeners about The Examiner article Cooper wrote following an interview with Tracy Byrd, a good friend of Berry’s.

Berry explained that the article told the story of the beginning of Byrd’s music career and how much hard work he put into becoming successful in the country music industry.

“There is a theme to all of this,” said Berry. “You don’t just wake up one day and you are Tilman Fertitta. You don’t just wake up one day and you are at the top of your field, whether that’s James Harden or LeBron James or a famous musician or a corporate CEO. It is hard work. It almost seems like the concept of the grind and the nobility to the grind is sort of a Calvinist work ethic. When I was raised, you were taught that anything you wanted was hard work. The hard work itself was worthy in and of itself of hard work. … Sit down with your kids, or the young workers in your company and explain to them how you ended up where you are today. No matter what your chosen field, if you are halfway successful and you are honest about how low you started when you were flipping burgers or folding shirts or selling Blockbuster videos, you have come a very long way. It’s important for them to understand when they have their first job, guess what, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but you are gonna have to grind for awhile. You’re gonna have to struggle for awhile. You need to.”

Berry also tweeted the story link to his 55,000 followers, which caused a lot of traffic on The Examiner’s website.

Known as “The Czar of Talk Radio,” Berry was named the 2017 Talk Radio Personality of the Year by iHeart Radio.

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