Money and marijuana: grand jury indicts Humble man on drug charges

Money and marijuana: grand jury indicts Humble man on drug charges

A Jefferson County grand jury indicted 44-year-old Humble resident Terrance Claiborne for third-degree felony marijuana possession March 8 following his Jan. 23 arrest, when deputies allegedly discovered bundles of cash and more than five pounds of marijuana in his vehicle during a traffic stop, according to information from the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office.

According to the probable cause affidavit for Claiborne's arrest, deputies stopped his black Dodge Charger on Interstate 10 in Jefferson County for exceeding the speed limit at about 7:30 a.m. He reportedly told the deputies he was coming back from the casino, and that he was a truck driver. He said his truck had broken down near the casino, so he took a cab to go gamble.

The deputy stated in the PC affidavit that Claiborne had changed his story, first saying the truck had broken down more recently and then indicating it was already fixed. Burleson was suspicious, he wrote in the affidavit, and Claiborne's behavior made him even more so.

"He seemed overly nervous," Burleson stated, describing Claiborne. "I could see his stomach pounding through his shirt while taking deep breaths. ... I believed he was involved in criminal activity."

A search of the vehicle reportedly confirmed that suspicion. According to the PC affidavit, Burleson found bundles of cash wrapped up in rubber bands and a large black bag with taped bundles of marijuana inside. Claiborne was arrested and taken to the Jefferson County Jail.

If convicted, Claiborne faces from two to 10 years in prison and fine up to $10,000.

An indictment is not indicative of guilt.