Mother plans legal action over son’s suspension

Mother plans legal action over son’s suspension

A savage beating caught on an eighth-grade student’s cell phone led to his suspension after he posted it to his Facebook profile, and now Trevion Gaines’ mother is planning to take legal action against Beaumont Independent School District because she feels her son’s First Amendment rights were violated.

“I will be hiring an attorney after talking it over with my family,” said Shermane Wilson, who said school officials had Trevion access his Facebook account and sign a statement without his mother present.

“They should’ve waited until I was there before asking him to do any of that,” said Wilson. “And they didn’t tell me they had my son open up his Facebook; he told me. They should’ve told me everything that happened when I got there.”

According to Wilson, Gaines posted the 63-second video of the two girls fighting on Friday, April 27, when he got home from school. Monday, April 30, Gaines was summoned to the school office and asked by assistant principal Charles Chevis if he posted the fight on Facebook. Gaines said yes. According to Wilson, one of the girls in the fight had told Chevis about the video and school officials wanted to look at it to see who started the fight.
Gaines was then taken to an office with a BISD officer and opened up his Facebook account at the request of the officer, who then tried to make a copy of the video on the computer, but was unable to. He then had Gaines sign a statement that he did indeed record the fight and post it to Facebook. Gaines’ mother was called after that.

The video of the fight was still up as of Wednesday evening. It had 28 “likes” and 11 comments.

When Wilson arrived at the school, he was told by Chevis that her son was going to be suspended for posting the video to Facebook and cited a clause in the district’s code of conduct for students. Under the code for a Misuse of Technology Resources and the Internet, Chevis marked a bullet point that states students shall not “send, post, or possess electronic messages that are abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another’s reputation, or illegal, including cyberbullying and ‘sexting’, either on or off school property, if the conduct causes a substantial disruption to the educational environment.”

There was no mention made on Wilson’s first visit that her son’s Facebook page had been accessed and viewed by Chevis and the BISD officer. Once her son told her what happened, Wilson returned to school and demanded to know the whole story and why she wasn’t told.

It was upon her return to the school that a “very unprofessional” Dr. Aaron Covington, the school’s principal, flippantly told her that her son was being suspended and that he should be glad it was only a one-day suspension as opposed to three days, she said.

“I deserve an apology from (Covington) for the way he was acting,” Wilson said.

BISD communication specialist Craig Eichhorn informed The Examiner on Wednesday that Gaines actually violated more than one of the district’s policies in the code of conduct manual. Incidentally, the policy Chevis and Covington cited on Monday when Gaines was suspended was not included in the four violations presented by Eichhorn.




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Young she-groids out of

Young she-groids out of control! Call Jesse Jackscoon! Call Al Sharpscoon!

You all missed something

Hmm while you lot argue race, I noticed something even the admins/mom missed...there was another cell phone that recorded the fight..wonder what did nor did not happen to THAT student?

We are raising a generation of voyeurs

For those of you that live in a bubble and don't know it is the rage now among YOUR children to arrange fights which are then videoed with cell phones and posted to their Facebook, MySpace and UTube accounts for the edification of all of their "friends" you have just bitten into the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge. Ignorance is bliss,is it not? While you are out there busy living your own lives, entertaining yourselves with vile television programs this is the life your children know, even you good judgemental folks out there in Lumbertonland. Do you really know what your kids are doing?

This, at least in my mind, raises all kinds of questions about whether or not there should be so kind of age requirement to possess such powerful and easily abused "tools" such Facebook.

Personally, I'm not sure a middle school aged CHILD has "First Amendment Rights" and I find it shocking that this idiot parent is more upset with the school officials/BISD police accessing her child's Facebook account than with the garbage that her child is posting on his Facebook page.

She can sue away but money will not buy this poor child guidance, morals, compassion or judgment.


REMUS, they are children, not animals. They are the product of us and our society and their behavior reflects our failures as such.

parents? are you raising this kids?

i blame the parents ..discipline starts at home & by letting them get their way all the time here are the results ....violence !! they see this at home. the school is mad at the kid that posted this in facebook suspended him for a day? how about this girls? (if u can call them girls) they look like wild animals !!! they should be suspended for the rest of the school year & not to be able to ride the bus EVER!!!!

typical. glad my kids go to

typical. glad my kids go to lumberton. call me racist but that stuff just doesnt happen in our schools.

I bet you feel really stupid

I bet you feel really stupid right about now. I just read the story on the kid who threatened his peer with a knife at Lumberton High.I guess stuff does happen in Lumberton too.

No your teachers just sleep

No your teachers just sleep with your kids. And yes you are racist!Kids are the same all over no matter what race. The lesson to be learned from this to make monitor our kids and teach them to make better choices.

And your teachers show porn

And your teachers show porn to students! read the article below this one. Stop throwing the race card and being typical!

then go monitor the kids in

then go monitor the kids in those schools instead of making an ignorant allegation. moron...

your not racist...its just

your not racist...its just fact unfortunately. absent parenting. it happens in all this demographic it happens to be more in the black community. why, i don't know.

Glad my kids.....

I sure am glad my kids dont have to ride the bus with this trash. Where are the supervisors? Bunch of animals.

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