Motorist crashes into warning sign

Motorist crashes into warning sign

A motorist in the 250 block of the westbound Interstate 10 service road near Green Man Recycling in Vidor lost control of her vehicle and struck a highway construction warning sign on Friday morning, Feb. 8. A state trooper at the scene said the driver was on her cellular phone near the time when the accident occurred. The driver was able to walk away from the one-vehicle accident without serious injury, but westbound I-10 traffic slowed to a crawl.

Rose City Marshal Raleigh Dow said the woman left the roadway and collided with the sign that was on top of her vehicle after the accident. The signs warn drivers of lane closures, traffic incidents and more, but this one is out of commission with pieces of if scattered across the grass on the side of the road. Members of the road crew said they were waiting for a piece of equipment to move the large, annihilated sign from atop the vehicle.



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