Multiple car thefts, break-ins reported in Lumberton

Multiple car thefts, break-ins reported in Lumberton

Lumberton Police warned residents on Facebook that three vehicles and "numerous" auto burglaries took place during the night of Jan. 8 to Jan. 9.

The three vehicles reported stolen were within a three block area on north US 69--one from the Gracelake Estates neighborhood, one from Hampshire Lane, and one from Sarah Lane, according to Chief Danny Sullins.

Multiple vehicles were also burglarized in the area on the same streets, Sullins said, adding that guns and other valuables were taken and keys may have been left in some of the cars.

One of the vehicles--a 2013 GMC Yukon--was recovered by the Port Arthur Police Department inside Port Arthur about 8 a.m. on Jan. 9, according to Sullins, but the other two have not yet been recovered.

"We want to remind folks to lock your vehicle up and take your valuables out," Sullins said, adding that Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange Counties are currently experiencing a spike in car burglaries and car thefts, also known as "jugging," as previously covered by The Examiner.

Sullins encouraged all residents to report thefts.

"if we had one [case] reported, we probably have four more that we don’t have reports on," he said.

Sullins said many of these types of crimes are committed by groups of juveniles going through neighborhood and pulling on car doors and looking for cash or valuables.

But these crime can carry serious penalties, Sullins added, explaining that car burglary is a class A misdemeanor and car theft is a state jail felony. Stealing a firearm is also a felony, he added.

- Eleanor Skelton