Mystery in Rose City

Rose City city secretary Veronica Jarrell Grant

Speculation and secrecy surround the dismissal of Rose City city secretary Veronica Jarrell Grant. According to Rose City Mayor David Bush, Grant was terminated in August of this year after approximately 18 years of service. Bush said Grant was terminated Aug. 17 and the matter was approved in the following regular City Council meeting Sept. 13.

Bush said he is not able to divulge information regarding the reason for her dismissal due to rules pertaining to “personnel” matters.

“The only thing that really happened was we parted ways,” Bush said.

When asked if there was any type of investigation into anything leading up to Grant’s termination, Bush said he could not discuss it if there was one ongoing. He continued by indicating everything is business as usual at City Hall.

“The only thing we are doing right now is our yearly audit,” Bush said.

A call to Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Stephanie Davis revealed there is an ongoing investigation being pursued by the Texas Rangers. While Trooper Davis was not able to give specific details or release the names of any individuals involved in the investigation, she provided some information.

“I can confirm the Texas Rangers are conducting an investigation regarding the misappropriation of funds in the Rose City city government,” Davis said. “The Rangers are currently reviewing all the financial documentation in Rose City.”

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Rangers investigate the following matters: “major incident crime investigations, unsolved crime/serial crime investigations, public corruption investigations, officer-involved shooting investigations, and border security operations.”

Questions remain regarding the sudden dismissal of Grant and the unconfirmed reports of missing or misused funds in Rose City. Until the investigation is concluded, those questions will likely remain unanswered.