Naked man causes disturbance in Orange

Naked man causes disturbance in Orange

A naked man walking reportedly around outside of an Orange motel was arrested for public intoxication and possession of marijuana early Monday morning, April 7 at shortly after 1 a.m.

According to a police report from Orange Police Department, officers arrested 29-year-old Howard Lewis Flore of Orange after dispatch received a call at about 1:03 a.m. regarding a nude male in the parking lot of the Best Price Motel at 2610 Interstate 10 in Orange. When officers arrived at the scene, the manager of the motel pointed them toward a naked man standing in the walkway in front of room #235. OPD Officer Stephen Ward reported that the man obeyed his verbal command to turn around and put his hands behind his back. At that time, he placed Flore in hand restraints.

Officer Ward stated in his report that Flore's speech was "slurred" and he appeared "unsteady on his feet."

"Flore was disoriented and dazed," Officer Ward wrote."I believed Flore to be intoxicated on an unknown substance."

When the officer asked Flore why he was nude, the man was not able to offer a response. Due to his level of intoxication, the officer indicated he felt Flore to be "a danger to himself and/or others."

While talking to Flore, the suspect reportedly told police there was a female inside the motel room. Officers attempted to make contact with the female occupant by yelling, "Police!" and knocking on the door. After receiving no answer, the manager unlocked the room, where officers found the female lying face-down on the bed. She was initially unresponsive, but once EMS arrived at the scene, the woman began to regain consciousness. She was also reportedly "disoriented and dazed." Officers believed the woman to be intoxicated, and Acadian Ambulance transported her to Baptist Hospital in Orange.

Police report finding a plastic bag with what appeared to be approximately .4 ounces of marijuana "in plain view," along with a pill that was "off-white with brown spots" and no identifying marks. Both were collected for testing.

Flore was arrested and taken to Orange County Jail for the public intoxication and possession of marijuana charges. The female has not yet been charged, although Officer Ward indicated she could face possession charges in the future.