National Dogfighting Awareness Day

National Dogfighting Awareness Day

With Tuesday, April 8, being National Dogfighting Awareness Day, Beaumont Animal Services would like to bring attention to this country-wide problem and offer tips that we can all use to combat dogfighting in our community. Dogfighting is a serious crime and it has been reported in urban, suburban and rural settings in all regions of the country. We are not immune to this problem in our community either, with Beaumont Animal Services officers seizing over 30 pit bull dogs in 2013 for “training to fight” and several others for actual fighting.  

How does Dogfighting Affect People?

Dogfighting is a felony in all 50 states and it is often in association with other crimes such as illegal drug trafficking and violent crimes. Dogfighting not only hurts animals but also endangers a community’s safety. Illegal drugs and firearms are commonly found at the scene of animal fighting events. Young children brought to matches are desensitized to violence and are taught that cruelty is acceptable.  Evidence shows that those who commit Dogfighting crimes and other forms of animal abuse are more likely to be violent towards people. According to a three-year-study by the Chicago Police Department, 65 percent of the people arrested for animal abuse crimes-including Dogfighting-were also arrested for violent crimes against people.

Warning Signs of Dogfighting Activity in Your Area

  • Several-to-many dogs, mainly pit bulls, kept chained on a property, out of reach of each other.
  • Dogs that show signs of having been fought-scars on their faces, legs and chest.
  • Dogs restrained on heavy chains or attached to heavy weights or concrete blocks.
  • Unusual traffic of many people entering or leaving a building or fenced yard with pit bulls.
  • Loud noises  associated with such gatherings
  • Individuals displaying clothing or tattoos glorifying Dogfighting
  • Dead or injured pit bulls or other dogs found in the area.
  • Dogs being trained to strengthen their grip by hanging from ropes, tires or springs.

What YOU Can Do to Prevent Dogfighting in Your Area

  • Report active or in-progress fights to 911.
  • Report suspicions of Dogfight location to your local police or animal control agency’s non-emergency numbers. For Beaumont residents you may dial 311.
  • Report loose or dangerous dogs to your local Animal Control.
  • Be aware of the previously mentioned activities in your area and report that as well.
  • Support tougher laws against Dogfighting and the enforcement of existing laws.

Beaumont Animal Services takes Dogfighting and all forms of animal abuse seriously and will investigate all tips, complaints and suspicions of these crimes. If you prefer to remain anonymous you may also call Crime Stoppers at (409)833-TIPS.

For more information visit Beaumont Animal Services, located at 1884 Pine St. in Beaumont. Their hours are Monday thru Thursday from 10:00am till 6:00pm and Fridays from 10:00am till 5:00pm. You are also encouraged to like them on Facebook at  and visit their web page located at for more updates. For more information on combating Dogfighting, please visit— Press release from Beaumont Animal Services