Nederland debris removal update

Nederland debris removal update

The City of Nederland has released information on how to separate storm debris for city workers, while still gathering information necessary to determine the scale of a debris cleanup operation.

So-called “green waste” should go in one pile together. That includes tree branches, logs, leaves and other vegetation. Spoiled food and household garbage should go in a pile. Construction debris like drywall, lumber, carpet and furniture should all be placed together. Kitchen appliances like ovens and refrigerators should be in a different pile from electronics like televisions, computers and printers. Household hazardous materials like cleaning supplies should also have its own pile.

The city “strongly” encourages homeowners not to place debris in black bags. The City recognizes the inconvenience and additional work this separation of debris requires, but FEMA guidelines require separation of piles.  At this time, the City has not been advised by the federal government whether FEMA reimbursement will be available for debris operations.

Homeowners should take photos of all their damage for their insurance or NFIP.

We ask for your cooperation and patience through this process.  If you have any questions about debris separation or placement, please call the City Manager’s Office at (409) 723-1503.