New trial for suspended Beaumont police officer

New trial for suspended Beaumont police officer

After spending a day contemplating whether James Cody Geudry, a Beaumont police officer who was convicted of official oppression for tazing Derrick Newman twice during a traffic stop, would in fact, get a new trial after a guilty verdict was handed down from a jury in December. Judge John Stevens announced his decision Friday - that Guedry would have the opportunity to go before jury again.

The decision came after a hearing Thursday, March 31. During the hearing, Guedry's new attorney Glenn Morgan, claimed Guedry's attorney during the trial late last year was ineffective, and at one point said "it makes you wonder if there was an attorney at all," during his argument that Guedry's former attorney Mitch Adams did not object to many issues.

One main issue Morgan argued was the fact that the actions of Officer Todd Burke, who struck Newman 13 times with his baton, were brought up time and time again by prosecution. The video shown to jurors was especially damning, according to Morgan, and unnecessary during the trial, as there were witnesses who testified and did not have conflicting stories of Guedry's actions that August 2007 night.



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