Nine arrested in Orange prescription drug ring

Nine arrested in Orange prescription drug ring

Nine people were arrested Friday, Aug. 16, 2012, and one suspect remains at large after officers of the Orange Police Department Narcotics Division and DEA agents broke up what they say was a fraudulent prescription drug ring in Orange, Texas.

According to a news release from OPD, 10 suspects were indicted on 23 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud after a year-long investigation initiated by Sgt. Jason Laughlin revealed an employee of an unnamed doctor's office was forging prescriptions. The prescriptions were allegedly taken to local pharmacies by participants in the ring who would have them filled and bring them back to the ring leader in exchange for cash or drugs. Police say the local doctor was not involved.

Debra Godfrey (seven counts), Glen Dorrell (two counts), Peggy Gisclair (one count), Kacey Larkin (two counts), Candy Rash (four counts), Brittany Manning (one count), Derrik Tregre (two counts), Olivia Wilson (two counts) and Brian Larkin (one count) were arrested and charged with involvement in the ring. Gary Miller (one count) is still at large.



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