No action against shooter in death of Hamshire intruder

16-year-old Hamshire-Fannett High School student, Cameron Kaminsky

The District Attorney’s Office announced Aug. 26 that a Jefferson County grand jury voted to take no action after considering the circumstances of the fatal shooting involving a homeowner, who fired on a teen intruder in Hamshire.

According to initial reports, in the early morning hours of Aug. 17, shots rang out in a rural Hamshire community after a homeowner residing in the 15000 block of San Jacinto Street encountered a masked intruder who entered the back door of the residence, reportedly armed with a pool cue and duct tape. When the smoke cleared and the intruder was unmasked, it became clear that the homeowner who fired the fatal shot was Hamshire-Fannett ISD School Board trustee David Kyle Gilmore and the deceased intruder was 16-year-old Hamshire-Fannett High School student, Cameron Kaminsky.

The DA’s office reports that Gilmore had home security cameras that recorded the intruder entering the back yard of the family’s home holding the pool cue and duct tape. The video then shows the intruder entering the back door and being confronted by Gilmore, who was armed with a pistol. Four shots were fired, the DA’s Office reported, one of which struck Kaminsky. The injured suspect was able to flee the scene and jump the fence into a neighboring yard, but security footage from the neighbor’s yard shows Kaminsky collapsing in an alley between two San Jacinto Street homes. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Assistant Chief Deputy Rod Carroll said after the incident that the case would be sent to the DA’s office for review, but indicated that it appeared the shooting was in self-defense.


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