No the park?

No the park?

Trying to get some exercise with a walk in the park? Well, if you visited parks in Vidor this week, you were out of luck. After an incident involving a fallen tree at The Raymond Gould Community Center and Walking Park in Vidor, park officers closed the walking track there and the hike and bike trails at Claiborne Park, also in Vidor.

According to Orange County Parks Director Donna Scales, a 73-year-old woman was injured when a dead pine tree fell across the path while she was walking at Raymond Gould.

“We had an unfortunate accident at our park there in Vidor,” Scales said. “One of the dead trees fell across the walking track and a lady’s arm and ankle were broken.”

Scales said her heart sunk when she heard about the incident involving the woman who she described as “very active.” The victim in the incident is recovering and did not require surgery for her injuries, according to Scales.

Scales said the incident led her to close any trails at both parks that she felt could be dangerous to park visitors. She stressed that she and the park staff work hard to keep obstacles off the pathways at the parks. She said that in the past they have concentrated their efforts on the paths and the areas immediately surrounding them. However, after the recent incident, they will be expanding those efforts. Scales said starting Thursday, Feb. 7, weather permitting, she will have people clearing out dead trees all over the parks. For now, she is keeping the trails closed to make sure visitors are safe. 

But take heart avid walkers! She said the trails will reopen once the cleanup is complete.


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