Officer in Orange finds heroin during traffic stop

Officer in Orange finds heroin during traffic stop

An officer in Orange arrested a Columbia, Tennessee man after discovering heroin inside his vehicle during a traffic stop, reports the Orange Police Department. 

Officer Nicholas Medina reports that he was traveling southbound along 37th Street on his way to investigate a call about a disturbance on Gardenia when a green Ford truck traveling northbound veered into the officer's lane, causing Medina to drive off the roadway into the grass. Medina got behind the truck and activated his emergency overhead lights to make a stop on the truck. While behind it, the officer stated, he observed the male driver, later identified as 33-year-old Michael Andrew James, also known as James Michaell Andrew, making "furtive movements" inside the cab of the truck. According to Medina, James was "very fidgety" and continued to make furtive movements toward his pockets and a small black bag "that he kept attempting to conceal real close to his body."

Medina asked James to open the little black bag, which he did but continued to try to hide its contents from the officer. Medina stated that he then told James to move his hands away from the bag. When he did, he was holding two knives, the officer reports. James dropped them on command but kept on digging inside the bag, asserted Medina, who was able to observe two blackened soda cans also inside the black bag. Medina identified the soda tops as drug paraphernalia used to burn and smoke narcotics. 

At that time, the officer opened the truck door to remove James. When he did, he reports, James "reached into the black bag, grasped something in the palm of his hand, and clinched." The officer struggled with James in an attempt to extract the object from his hand, but he was able to toss it while being handcuffed. Medina retrieved the discarded package, which ended up being a "cube" of heroin wrapped in a receipt. Medina arrested James for possession of a controlled substance. 

A more extensive vehicle inventory revealed James was also in possession of 15 Lorazepam prescription pills, Medina described.

James was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail.