Officers discover close to five pounds of synthetic pot during warrant roundup

Synthetic cannabinoids  - Mad Monkey, etc.

UPDATE: Warrant search in Newton County uncovers drugs, guns


Officers conducting a traffic warrant roundup in Lumberton got more than they bargained for when serving a warrant on one man on Feb. 23, reports Lumberton Police Chief Danny Sullins. According to him, not only did the officers find the man they were looking for during the stop, they also discovered 140 packages of what they believe to be synthetic marijuana.

Chief Sullins said officers from numerous agencies working together to serve warrants in Lumberton on Feb. 23 were stationed at various points throughout the city when two officers hit on a license plate whose owner name matched the name of a man with a traffic warrant for no liability insurance, 33-year-old McGee Lamar Falcon. When the officers stopped Falcon on South Main Street in Lumberton, Sullins said the man seemed nervous to them. Upon searching the man's car, they found what looked like prepackaged synthetic marijuana, close to five pounds of it.

"I think one of (the packages) was called Mad Monkey," related the chief. "There were all different kinds."

Echoing sentiments expressed in previous reports regarding the use of synthetic marijuana, the veteran law enforcer said that while he does not condone marijuana use, use of synthetic imitations is likely more dangerous than use of the real deal.

"That's some bad stuff," Chief Sullins said regarding synthetic cannibinoids. "Marijuana is bad, but this synthetic stuff is worse. Don't be fooled by the pretty little packages. It's highly addictive."

Sullins speculated that the packaging, with names like Mad Monkey and Scuby Snax, is meant to attract youth to the dangerous and potentially deadly products inside.

Falcon was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, penalty group 2, between four and five pounds, a state jail felony, in addition to being served the warrant for no insurance and being charged with a Class C Misdemeanor for possessing the synthetic marijuana since the city of Lumberton has an ordinance against all such products, a good enforcement tool, according to Sullins. He was taken to the Hardin County Jail and will face possession and possibly distribution charges in district court.