Officers find secret stash during search of suspect

Eddie Ezellie Hinton

Crack police work by an officer in Orange led to one man's arrest and the discovery of drugs secreted away in a strange hiding spot on the suspect's person, reports Officer Leslie Lovelace of the Orange Police Department.

According to a police report, Lovelace responded to a large disturbance at the Texas Food Store, a convenience store at 305 Burton Ave. in Orange, at just after 4 p.m. on Jan. 20. The officer observed a large crowd dispersing, and a clerk at the store said one of the men leaving the scene had been physically assaulting an unknown female victim. Lovelace immediately recognized the suspect from prior encounters as 22-year-old Eddie Ezellie Hinton of Orange. 

The officer reports that Hinton was yelling at bystanders, shouting profanities multiple times and causing what Lovelace described as "a breach of the peace." Lovelace detained Hinton for disorderly conduct and placed a handcuff on one of the suspect's wrists. Before the other cuff could be secured, Hinton started dancing around to evade the officer, continuing to "pull and jerk away" and "moving in circles." Hinton was finally taken to the ground and then taken to the Orange County Jail with an additional charge, resisting arrest. 

But once at the jail Hinton had a surprise for officers, which added yet another charge to his growing rap sheet. During a search of the suspect's person, officers discovered a small bag containing a green, leafy substance believed to be marijuana between Hinton's shorts and boxers - and that was just the beginning. As they kept digging, the officers reportedly found seven more bags of marijuana - more than an ounce - in Hinton's hidey hole, identified by Lovelace as a "gluteal cleft," known colloquially as a "butt crack." 

Officers also found several Xanax and $186 in cash on the suspect. For bringing drugs into the jail, Hinton was charged with having a prohibited substance in a correctional facility.