One dead after domestic disturbance in Tyler County

One dead after domestic disturbance in Tyler County

A woman in fear for her life shot and killed her husband in Tyler County on Thursday, May 9, sheriff’s deputies said.

Peggy Dean shot her husband, Gary Keith Dean, after he reportedly forced entry into her home and shot her boyfriend, Billy Stanford. Dean and her husband were separated, but he was still living in a small house on the property where she resided. According to the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Phil Ryan, Gary Dean forced his way into the house and opened fire on Stanford and Peggy Dean. Peggy Dean was apparently “protecting herself,” Deputy Ryan said, and returned fire on her estranged husband. During the altercation, Stanford was struck by a bullet in the shoulder and later transported to Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center in Houston via Life Flight where he was reportedly in stable condition as of May 9.

According to Deputy Ryan, “everything looks correct” regarding the facts reported for the shooting. Charges have not been brought against Peggy Dean, who is believed by investigators to have shot her husband in self-defense. Deputy Ryan confirmed officers have been dispatched to the residence multiple times previously regarding complaints from neighbors of disturbances.



This article does not

This article does not properly portray the events of this very sad day. He may have been guilty of breaking into the house (we believe there's more to this than an assumption of guilt)- however, from information received from those close to the event - Gary's gun was never fired. The boyfriend was struck by the bullet that traveled through Gary- not from his gun. Ambush - yes, those of us who knew this kind man believe nothing less.


Has it been investigated why the boyfriend of the estranged (ex)wife bought a gun the day before Mr. Gunsmith got ambushed? Just wondering.

Gary Keith Dean

I am wondering the same thing. Seems like the husband was ambushed. Just saying.

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