Orange County Cops N Kids Picnic coming Friday

Orange County Cops N Kids Picnic coming Friday

Orange County celebrated the upcoming Sheriff’s Office 20th annual Cops N Kids Picnic to be held on Friday, June 20, with a proclamation June 16 naming the day of the event “Cops N Kids Day.”

The annual Cops N Kids event coming up June 20 began two decades ago to provide the children of Orange County a chance to interact with many first responders including police officers, sheriff’s deputies, SWAT team members and emergency service personnel on a friendly, non-threatening level.

“If you want to have a good time, show up to see hundreds of kids interact with us and really have a good time,” Orange County Sheriff Keith Merritt said addressing those gathered at the Commissioners Court meeting. “It’s a wonderful time. There’s a lot of food, all kinds of different things that we do with the kids. We have a lot of daycares. With school being out, that’s why we always have it this time of year. We have quite a bit of kids show up. If you want to come out, feel free to do so. I know you’ll enjoy yourself.”

Merritt said children attending the event are sure to be in for some excitement with even more to do than in the years preceding.

“We’re always adding something new and different that they haven’t seen before,” Merritt asserted. “This year, we’ve got two extra events. Gator Tours is coming over with some animals. They’ve been around kids before, so they know how to prepare the animals for the kids and everything. If you want to help cook hotdogs, we cook about 2,000 of them. We are needing another cooker.”

The event takes place on Friday, June 20, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Claiborne Park, 4105 North St., Vidor.





By Sharon Brooks and Kevin King

Staff Writers