Orange County gas leak update

Orange County gas leak update

Update from the Orange County Sheriff's Office:

Workers repairing the leaking well are making good progress. Work on the rig will continue during daylight hours only due to safety factors. The work may need to continue through the weekend until the well head is repaired.


As soon as the Company Officials give the all clear, the Sheriff’s Office will immediately release and open up the two roadblocks on Gulf Road and Scales Lane so residents can return to their homes. OCSO will disseminate this information through press releases, or you may call them at (409) 883-2612 for updated information. 


Residents of Gulf Road and Scales Lane who are displaced from their homes and need to retrieve some items should go to the white tent at Gulf Road and FM 408, and a company representative will escort them to their home with detector equipment to ensure their safety. Displaced residents can also speak with company officials at that location if they have any questions or concerns.


Gulf Road and Scales Lane will remain closed off until the Sheriff’s Office receives word from company representatives that it is safe to return.