Orange County parks director begs ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’

Orange County parks director begs ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’

Orange County Parks Director Donna Scales is fed up. She is sick and tired of litterbugs throwing their trash out on the side of the road on Lake Street in Bridge City. She said it is time to clean up the mess and keep Texas beautiful.

“It’s an eyesore,” Scales said regarding miscellaneous debris littering Lake Street off Ferry Road. “People come out here to enjoy themselves. They come to fish and see nature. There is a lot of birding that goes on here because of all the different species of birds. Tourists and families come here to the piers to fish and crab, and for people to just throw their trash on the side of the road is terrible. I mean, look at all these beer cans!”

Scales motioned to scattered trash in the grass and reeds near the street. Among the scattered refuse, Styrofoam remnants from packaged chicken confirm Scales’ assertion that people crab in the water near the shore. The beer cans she mentioned reflect the sun that families come to enjoy and act as reminders of the thoughtless attitudes of some who visit the area. Scales said people need to be aware of the damage they are causing the environment and the damage they cause to the scenery, as well.

As one turns off of Ferry Road onto Lake Street, three fishing piers can be seen. The road continues for miles of shoreline where people set up crab traps, nets and fishing rods. Scales said the city of Bridge City is working with the Orange County Parks Department to clean up Lake Street. Prisoners from the Stiles Unit in Beaumont were out there picking up garbage recently and gathered a dump truck and two trailers full of roadside junk. They were back on the road helping out Tuesday, Feb. 19, to finish up the length of the road. Scales said she encourages people visiting the piers and shoreline on Lake Street to throw their garbage in the cans that are being installed along the street.

“I want people to think before they throw their trash out here,” Scales said. “We are working hard to get this road cleaned up, and we want it to stay that way.”

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