Orange to hold Imelda meeting Oct. 29

Orange to hold Imelda meeting Oct. 29

The Orange County Drainage District will be holding a meeting to discuss drainage and Tropical Storm Imelda at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at Little Cypress – Mauriceville High School Auditorium located at 7327 Highway 87 North in Orange. 

Members of the Orange County Drainage District, as well as members of other public entities, will be present to provide information, and to receive information and concerns from residents.

This particular meeting will focus on the eastern portion of Orange County (including the cities of Orange, West Orange, Pinehurst, areas along Adams Bayou and Little Cypress Bayou, and all unincorporated areas in this portion of the County). All are invited to attend. However, the Drainage District has also scheduled similar meetings for other portions of Orange County, so that members of the community in other areas affected by Imelda have an opportunity to participate in a meeting that focuses on their particular area.

Contact the Orange County Drainage District with any questions concerning this meeting at (409) 745-3225.