Orange man in custody for uncle's homicide

Christopher Philmon

A man who was living with his uncle in Orange is in custody after police say he stabbed his uncle to death before fleeing in the deceased man's vehicle with his girlfriend, who police say he kidnapped.

According to a news release from the Orange Police Department, officers responded to a residence in the 400 block of Bilbo Street at approximately 12:34 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 23 after receiving a call from a young woman who said her boyfriend had killed his uncle. When they arrived, police reported, they found the body of 50-year-old Roy James Philmon, who had apparently been stabbed to death. Police identified the suspect as 22-year-old Christopher Ryan Philmon, who had been living with the older Philmon, his uncle. A database search revealed the suspect's previous address was in Austin where police believe he lived with his sister. He fled in the victim's vehicle prior to the arrival of police, according to OPD.

Captain Cliff Hargrave of OPD said the young woman who called and reported the murder had received a call from the suspect who asked her to meet him at his residence. The woman told police that after she got into the vehicle with Philmon, he confessed to her that he had killed his uncle. Police said the woman reported she asked to be released but Philmon refused. She told police that after some coaxing, she was able to convince the suspect to let her go, and that is when she called the authorities and reported the murder. Upon releasing his hostage, the suspect reportedly headed westbound on Interstate 10.

According to police, the victim is cooperating and is pressing kidnapping charges against the man who was once her boyfriend.

After the suspect fled the scene, police contacted local law enforcement entities in Texas and Louisiana and told them to be on the lookout for the vehicle Philmon reportedly used to get away. Before they could catch up with the suspect, the man went to a store off Highway 290 in Houston and asked the clerk to call the police. Police believe he initially stopped at the store because he was having car trouble. Hargrave said when the Harris County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the store, Philmon told them about the killing and was placed into custody.

According to police, Philmon’s mother said the young man has a history of schizophrenia. An Internet search revealed disturbing social media posts on his Facebook. He claims to have been a mental patient at Austin State Hospital, although although The Examiner was unable to confirm that. He also indicates he is a former student at Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School from 2004 through 2006. Dark imagery of demons and a photograph of a scoped assault rifle poised to fire litter the reportedly mentally unstable man’s Facebook page.

One Facebook comment Philmon posted on Sept. 18 reads, “One day I will eat human and finally find out if it really tastes like pork.”

Another post from April 15 reads, “Why are you talking to me? You yourself have already said that that's all you had to say and you don't think I know what IM doing yes IM sucking up my uncles life his mind body soul and money but obviously it's happening for some (expletive) up reason more than likely so justice can find it's way to me along with judgment and all that other blah blah.”

On May 23, the young man commented, "IM not okay."

Roy Philmon worked at Speedy Stop in Beaumont and was a 1981 graduate of Vidor High School. Police said the stabbing resulted from an argument the two men had but could not offer specific details pertaining to motive. Captain Hargrave described the killing as “brutal,” and the police report indicated that when police kicked in the door of the residence and entered they observed “large amounts of blood all over the floor and walls” of the home.

Philmon is currently in the Orange County Correctional Facility on a $600,000 bond and has been charged with kidnapping and murder.