Orange Police investigate shooting

Orange Police investigate shooting

Police in Orange are currently investigating a shooting that took place Wednesday morning, April 3, at approximately 3:16 a.m. on 16th Street.

According to a report from OPD, officers were dispatched to 5112 Twin Oaks in regard to a knock on the back door at a residence there. When en route to the address, Detective Sgt. C. Arnold called dispatch to report he heard approximately 20 shots fired east of Twin Oaks. Shortly after, 21-year-old resident Ramon Jones called and said he had been shot at near the VFW at 5303 N. 16th Street in Orange.

OPD Officer Tim Pruitt reported he observed Jones’ vehicle, a silver, two-door Mustang, stopped on the outside edge of the outside, southbound lane of traffic facing south. He met with Jones and his girlfriend, who was a passenger in the vehicle.

Officer Pruitt reported Jones said he drove to Jack-in-the-Box with two passengers and observed two known subjects with whom he “had problems with.” Jones told officers he left when he saw them, and headed north on 16th. The two subjects, who were in a silver Nissan Titan pickup truck, reportedly followed him and began firing upon his vehicle near Clark Ln. off 16th. Jones told officers he believed his back, right tire was struck with a bullet causing him to lose control and go into a spin near the VFW. When the vehicle stopped, one if his passengers exited and ran toward the woods nearby. Jones and his girlfriend then reportedly followed suit. As they were running through the woods, Jones told police the two suspects got out of the truck and fired toward the fleeing parties multiple times before leaving the scene.

Police observed multiple bullet holes and damage to the Mustang, and found a Winchester 40 S&W brass shell casing near the destroyed back tire and another ten casings in the outside lane of 16th.

Jones and his girlfriend said they wished to press charges and were told to make a statement. Police made no contact with the second passenger who was reportedly last seen by Jones and his girlfriend running through the woods during the incident. No injuries were reported.