PAISD tax increase gets voter approval

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More than 1,100 Port Arthur ISD stakeholders turned up to vote on a tax increase proposed by the school district on and in advance of Election Day — Saturday, Aug. 5. With more than 57 percent of the vote, or 654 ballots, the tax increase passed.

Voters were asked to weigh in on the school district’s Tax Ratification Election proposition, which called for an increase in property taxes at a rate of 13 cents per $100 valuation. Estimates put the added tax bill to most homeowners in PAISD’s taxing jurisdiction at roughly $100 a year more than what they currently pay to the school district. PAISD plans to raise $4.6 million annually from city taxpayers with the added tax. In addition, PAISD is set to acquire another $1.3 million from state contributions. Those totals are after “recapture” costs paid to the state, according to information from the district, as PAISD is considered a “rich” district and subject to what are coined as “Robin Hood” concessions.