PAPD chief makes his case after 'no confidence' vote

Port Arthur Police Chief Patrick Melvin | Examiner file photo
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Port Arthur Police Chief Patrick Melvin has issued a point-by-point response to the police union’s recent no-confidence vote.

The public feud began when the Port Arthur Police Association announced in a statement Nov. 6 that 85 percent of members who participated in an online poll conducted between Oct. 27 and Nov. 6 voted “no” when asked the following question: “As a Port Arthur police officer, do you have confidence in the police chief, and the administration he has put in place, to effectively and efficiently manage the department in a manner that promotes a good working environment among officers, provides leadership to officers, and provides the citizens of Port Arthur the services and protection they deserve?”

In a November letter responding to the vote, Melvin said he believes the changes he is making are being met with opposition, citing as examples steps taken toward greater accountability, his “no profanity” policy and revising 20-year-old department protocols.

A month later, on Dec. 6, Chief Melvin again responded to the Port Arthur Police Association’s letter to the interim city manager concerning their vote of no confidence and list of concerns, but this time in more detail, adding that, “To date, I have never been served or presented a copy of the association’s concerns.”

The full letter is attached here. The chief’s responses are in blue.