PAPD warns of theft attempts in area

PAPD warns of theft attempts in area

Due to a recent string of thefts or attempted thefts reported in Port Arthur, Port Arthur Police are warning Southeast Texans to be cautious when approached by strangers asking for a ride.

According to a PAPD press release, in these thefts people are approached in parking lots of stores or banks, where a suspect will ask them for a ride to one of the local businesses. The suspect usually speaks with a heavy accent and claims to be from Nigeria, the press release states.

Once the suspect has the victim’s attention, a second suspect approaches, and together, the two suspects convince the victim to take them to the ATM and withdraw money from the victim’s bank account.

The suspects are older black males, dressed in slacks or jeans, sport coats, ties and hats, PAPD said in the press release.

One of them is approximately 5 feet 2 inches tall while the other is approximately 6 feet tall. They are possibly in a newer black SUV with one or two other people, PAPD said.

If you are approached by these people, contact your local police department immediately.