Parking space spat leads to shots fired

Parking space spat leads to shots fired


From the Beaumont Police Department:

On Thursday, December 29, 2011 at 6:10pm, Beaumont Police Patrol Officers responded to Park St. and Lavaca in reference to shots fired.  Officers spoke with a 29 year old black male who reported he was at the Khwana Food Mart at 4025 Park St., and  attempted to pull in the parking lot when an unidentified black male confronted him.

He said he parked his 2003 Cadillac in a parking space and an emerald green Chevrolet Suburban pulled along side of him. The actor in the suburban was outraged at him for taking the parking spot. The actor yelled at him and demanded that he move his vehicle. He got in his vehicle and attempted to leave. As he started to leave, the actor threw a bottle in the direction of his car. He then drove away.

He said he left the store and drove around the corner and then returned to the store from the Nolan St. side to try and get vehicle information and a better description of the actor. As he passed the store, he heard a shot from a gun. He looked behind him as he was turning south on Park St., and observed the actor pointing a gun in his direction and firing.  He left the scene in fear for his life, and then contacted the police.

He said  he heard two shots fired at him and it sounded like a small caliber gun. The actor was described as being approximately 5`9" tall and weighing approximately 200lbs. There was another black male in the SUV, he was described as being approximately 5`8" and weighing between 165-170 lbs. The black male that was 5`9" tall fired the gun at him.  He  stated the shooter was wearing a white shirt with dark jeans. The black male that was approximately 5`8" was wearing a red shirt and dark jeans with a red cap.