Passenger car collides with city bus

A car collided with a city bus at the corner of Washington and Avenue C.

A car accident involving a city bus on the corner of Washington and Avenue C at about 2 p.m. Feb. 18 sent three people to the hospital. Officer Reynolds of the Beaumont Police Department said a Buick Lesabre was traveling east on Washington Boulevard when it collided with the bus at the intersection of Avenue C. Witnesses say the bus appeared to be turning onto Washington from Avenue C but instead continued straight.

One onlooker said, “We saw the bus fly through the red light, and that poor man just hit the side of the bus. What bothers me is that the bus driver didn’t even make an attempt to see if the other driver was OK, and that to me was really sad. He (the driver of the car) said he was a preacher too!”

Beaumont police are collecting statements from other witnesses, at least one of which contradicts the account reported, and are still investigating the incident.

First responders stated three passengers from the bus suffered non-life threatening neck and back injuries, and were transported to Baptist Hospital.