PCP arrests on the rise: Local woman indicted

PCP arrests on the rise: Local woman indicted

Just weeks after an arrest in Orange for apparent PCP-related intoxication, Brittany Lacole McLeod, aka Britteny McLeod, 32, has been indicated on state jail felony charges of possession of a controlled substance for a separate crime reportedly also related to PCP.

According to an indictment from a Jefferson County grand jury, McLeod was arrested for public intoxication and PCP possession on June 11, 2018, following a call pertaining to a trespasser. Beaumont Police Department Officer Gabriel Fells responded to a residence in the 300 block of Church Street. While on his way, dispatch described the trespassing suspect and told him she was high on PCP, or phencyclidine.

As Fells pulled up to the residence, he described, he saw the suspect, later identified as McLeod, walk away when she saw his patrol car. When he told her to come talk to him, he reported, “McLeod continued to walk into a public roadway with a burnt cigarette in her mouth.”

Fells “grabbed McLeod and put her down in the grassy area of the residence,” where she started spitting out the cigarette. “I could smell the odor of phencyclidine on her person,” he stated in the affidavit for her arrest.

Once McLeod was in custody, Fells stated that he found a cigarette inside a cigarette pack inside a plastic bag. It contained a cigarette he suspected was dipped in PCP, smoking it being the most common way the drug is ingested.

McLeod’s criminal history shows multiple prior arrests, some reported as PCP-related. She has been arrested several times in Orange on charges including possession of a controlled substance, evading arrest and public intoxication. Most recently, she was arrested there after reportedly attacking an officer.

Orange Police Department (OPD) officers responded to the 200 block of Knox Avenue in reference to a suspicious person on Feb. 4 shortly after 7 p.m. When they arrived, they found McLeod. Officers reported that, when they were speaking to her, McLeod was not able to answer properly or complete her sentences. Officer Dylan Jinks also indicated that McLeod was also “sweating profusely” during her interview with police, another sign of possible intoxication.

An officer at the scene noted three wet cigarettes nearby. He indicated that he believed the cigarettes had been dipped in PCP and that he felt McLeod was intoxicated.

As officers continued to questions her, Jinks reported, McLeod repeatedly attempted to go inside the residence, which belonged to a relative. The relative told police McLeod had been smoking PCP and was no longer welcome to stay there.  

According to Jinks, McLeod gave officers permission to search her purse, but then tried to take it from them as they looked through it. She then allegedly tried to push the officers and pull away when they attempted to handcuff her. Once they finally did her cuffed, McLeod then refused to walk and was dragged to a patrol car. Jinks reported that McLeod then began to yell and actively fight police, ultimately leaving one officer with “a bloody bite mark” on his thigh.

McLeod was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail for public intoxication, third-degree felony possession of a controlled substance (PCP), resisting arrest and assault on a peace officer causing bodily injury, another third-degree felony.

If convicted of the state jail felony charges she is currently facing in Jefferson County, McLeod could get up to two years in state jail.