PCP, marijuana, MDMA/ecstasy found during traffic stop in West Orange

PCP, marijuana, MDMA/ecstasy found during traffic stop in West Orange

Two men were arrested Tuesday, April 9, when sheriff’s deputies found marijuana, MDMA (Ecstasy) and 30 grams of liquid PCP (Phencyclidine) during a traffic stop. Orange County Sheriff’s Office narcotics deputies initiated the stop at approximately 12:20 p.m. near the intersection of Dayton St. and Western St. in West Orange.

According to a news release from the OCSO, 27-year-old Markie Okeem Childress and 27-year-old Hylie Lee Garrett, both of Orange, were arrested after a search of the vehicle led officers to discover the illegal narcotics inside a hidden compartment in the dash. Deputies also recovered a large sum of cash from the vehicle.

Both suspects were arrested for possession of marijuana, a class B misdemeanor, and two counts possession of a controlled substance, a second-degree felony. They were transported to the Orange County Correctional Facility with bonds of $21,000 each.

Phencyclidine or PCP is referred to by a variety of names.

Common or street names for PCP: Angel Dust, PeaCe Pill, Hog, Lovely, Wack, Ozone, Dust, Embalming Fluid, Rocket Fuel; Supergrass and Killer Joints are names that refer to PCP combined with marijuana. Marijuana cigarettes or blunts (marijuana wrapped in cigar leaves) are dipped in the liquid PCP and then sold for around $10.00 apiece, according to OCSO.

“Sheriff Merritt and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office will continue to diligently combat the drug activities that occur in the neighborhoods and other areas of Orange County.”

 If you have any information about criminal activities please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (409) 883-2612.