Perrault to serve 12 years for 'road rage' shooting

Perrault to serve 12 years for 'road rage' shooting

Update: Dwyndell Chase Perrault pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and will serve 12 years in prison. The jury in the second trial of Perrault was in a deadlock - like the jurors in the prior trial - with 11 of the 12 jurors voting to convict him.

Previous story: For the second time this year, Dwyndell Chase Perrault is standing trial for a shooting that took place in the Avenues area of Beaumont a year ago.

Perrault was charged with the August 2010 shooting of 12-year-old Ivan Perez, who was a passenger of a vehicle Perrault allegedly shot at in what police described as a case of extreme road rage.

Perez was struck in the head by one of the bullets and spent weeks recovering at a Houston hospital. He returned to school, but according to the testimony of his sister, Ingrid Perez, he is not the same boy he was prior to the incident.

Witnesses called forth by the prosecution included fellow passengers in the vehicle Ivan was in at the time, neighbors living at the intersection of the occurrence, a close friend of Perrault, and Perrault’s father.

The first trial of Perrault took place in February and after two days of deliberation, the jury could not come to a final decision, with one juror holding out for a not guilty verdict.

On Wednesday, Aug. 10, the decision again went to the jury, which was dismissed for the day and will resume deliberations Thursday morning. See The Examiner’s Web site, at for the final verdict.



My cousin was with him this

My cousin was with him this story is bullshit. He has 3little girls and 1 little boy. I know chase and why the heck would those people wait a few hours before taking the boy to the hospital? Someone else shot the boy not him, every dark thing will eventually come to the light.


Flush the toilet and a turd goes away......good riddance to a thug!

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