Petition in to change Bevil Oaks’ school district

Petition in to change Bevil Oaks’ school district

There’s enough interest in the city of Bevil Oaks to garner the number of required signatures so their students would attend Hardin-Jefferson ISD schools rather than Beaumont ISD schools.

The petition was turned into both school districts during the first week of February, according to some Bevil Oaks Facebook pages. There will be a public meeting, likewise, on the detachment of Bevil Oaks from BISD at 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 20, at the BISD Boardroom, 3395 Harrison Ave. The hearing will continue until all speakers are heard from or the time reaches 6 p.m., whichever is earlier.

The petitioners are waiting on a time, date and place to meet with HJISD.

Jim Andrews is a Bevil Oaks resident supporting the petition drive. He said they received around 1,100 signatures from registered voters. The requirement was to get a majority, or 50 percent plus one, of the registered voters.

In 2013, Bevil Oaks boasted a population of 1,249.

The petitions were turned in to both school districts the second or third week of February.

The state of Texas sets the criteria based on previous cases that went before the education commissioner.

Another requirement is the community must be physically connected to the school district. Bevil Oaks is connected to Hardin Jefferson ISD on three sides.

“This is the method of petition required by both school districts,” he said.

Some of the public hearing’s guidelines are as follows:

• Prior to the hearing, all individuals intending to offer oral comments must register on the sign-up sheet. This sheet will be used to call speakers.

• A district representative will convene the hearing and preside.

• Speakers are limited to three minutes of oral presentation.

• Presenters may also submit comments in writing. Comments should include the following identifying information: name, address, phone number, email address. Written comments may be submitted instead of or in addition to oral comments. Written comments or written supplementation of oral comments will be considered if received by the Board of Managers before the end of the public hearings on April 20.

• A comment summary included in the sign-in form is provided solely as a convenience for speakers. Although the summary form can serve as a means by which commenters submit their written comments, the form is not intended to discourage making oral comments.

• The public hearing is for the sole purpose of receiving public comments on the detachment of the city of Bevil Oaks from Beaumont ISD. The Board of Managers will take no questions from the public during the hearing, and the Board of Managers will not respond to questions at the public hearing.

• Questions from the public will be answered by staff if the questions are submitted in writing before the end of the public hearing. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address.