Pizza delivery driver robbed in Port Arthur

Pizza delivery driver robbed in Port Arthur

Port Arthur police are searching for a suspect that robbed a pizza delivery driver in Port Arthur, PAPD Field Operations Lieutenant Jeremy Lloyd said in a release on Dec. 4.

PAPD officers were called out to Main Avenue and Gulfway Drive on Saturday, Dec. 3 at 10:47 p.m. in reference to a robbery. Officers met with the victim and learned he had attempted to deliver a pizza at Poole Avenue Apartments, 1401 Poole Ave, when he was approached by the suspect. The victim described the suspect as a black male, 5 ft. 10 in., 200 lbs., wearing a blue shirt and black hoodie sweater.

The suspect produced a handgun, according to the statement, and stole a small sum of money, the pizza, car keys, and the victim's cell phone. The suspect then fled on foot. Since the suspect had taken his keys, the victim then walked to Main Avenue and Gulfway Drive and notified police.

PAPD officers used a smartphone app to track the victim's cellphone to an area on Roosevelt Avenue where the phone had apparently been "ditched," Lloyd said in the statement. The phone and other items were recovered, but the suspect remains at large.

PAPD forensics personnel is processing the items recovered to help identify a suspect. Anyone with further information should contact the PAPD Criminal Investigations Division at (409) 983-8624.