Police: 2015 prostitution sting made 11th Street safer

BPD badge

In May 2015, law enforcers took aim at crime on 11th Street in Beaumont, a hotbed of criminal activity by prostitutes and drug dealers. Through a joint effort by the Beaumont Police Department and the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, police attempted to serve more than 100 warrants and ended up arresting 49 people in a single day.

In addition to serving the criminal warrants that day, the DA’s office also initiated civil action against proprietors of businesses identified as allowing or overlooking the criminal activity taking place on their premises. Businesses targeted by the DA’s office as part of a “nuisance abatement program” were hand-delivered letters asking for help in combating the solicitation problem and, on the flip side, vowing litigation and prosecution should these enterprises choose to continue to allow criminal activity on their property.

Jan. 6, BPD Sgt. Cody Guedry said the effort has significantly reduced crime on 11th Street.

“It’s in the maintenance stage now,” Guedry told The Examiner. “It was a very successful effort. Calls for service and crime are way down in that area.”