Police arrest bat-wielding suspect for aggravated assault and animal cruelty

Police arrest bat-wielding suspect for aggravated assault and animal cruelty

Police investigating a possible stabbing arrested a bat-wielding suspect who allegedly beat a man and killed a dog during a violent episode at an apartment complex in Orange, reports the Orange Police Department. 

Officers arrested 26-year-old Lorine Glenn Holly for aggravated assault and animal cruelty following their investigation into a stabbing reported at about 12:30 p.m. on May 12. Officer Leslie Lovelace reported being dispatched to apartment 611 at 1010 Highway 87 in Orange, The Reserve at Cypresswood. While en route to the location, dispatch advised the officer a black male wearing a black tank top and khaki pants had stabbed a male victim and was still in the area. Lovelace soon spotted a man fitting the description, who identified himself as Holly. Other officers arrived and detained Holly while Lovelace went to apartment 611 to investigate.

Lovelace reported that upon entering the room there was man apparently bleeding from the head lying in bed inside the residence. The 60-year-old victim had laceration to his head, "about two inches above his ear." He was taken to St. Elizabeth hospital in Beaumont.

Two female witnesses at the scene said the victim had approached them in the parking lot and asked for a cigarette. Holly emerged from a nearby apartment, number 615, and told the man to get away from one of the two women. The victim attempted to tell Holly he was just asking for a cigarette, the women reported, when Holly retrieved a silver baseball bat from his apartment. He reportedly struck the victim in the head with bat, knocking him to the ground. Holly then allegedly struck the victim twice more with the bat. The women told the officer Holly had also used the bat to strike and kill a small brown and white dog that had been barking during the altercation. The witnesses said Holly was swinging the bat wildly at everyone during the incident, and took a swing at a specific woman at the scene, as well. 

Investigators found a bat inside Holly's apartment following the incident, reported Lovelace, a silver, aluminum Easton EA70 series.

Holly was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail. A criminal database search revealed the recent incident is not the only instance of violence in which Holly was the alleged perpetrator. He was arrested in Beaumont in 2013 for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was arrested previously for theft in 2011.