Police arrest frequent flyer of Orange County Jail, again

David Diaz

A “frequent flyer” of the Orange County Jail found himself back inside a cell once again after police arrested him on an outstanding warrant June 15, reports the Orange Police Department (OPD), but a long gash on his forehead proves that the wanted man didn’t go quietly

According to OPD Officer Michael Roush, he arrested 34-year-old David Diaz of Orange after observing him walking southbound in the 1500 block of Sixth Street. He immediately recognized Diaz from previous incidents, Roush reported, and called dispatch to find out whether the frequent offender had an outstanding warrants. He discovered a criminal mischief warrant for Diaz’s arrest, and took him into custody.

Once in the back of the patrol car and apparently angry at his detainment, Diaz started banging his head against the metal and plastic partition causing an estimated one-inch long laceration on his scalp near his forehead, described Roush in his report.

Because of the reportedly self-inflicted injuries Diaz sustained while in the patrol car, Roush had to take him to a local emergency room for medical clearance before taking him back to what must seem like a home away from home for Diaz.

Diaz has been featured in The Examiner as an Orange County Jail frequent flyer previously after his arrest on Christmas Eve last year.

According to an OPD police report, officers arrested the repeat offender for disorderly conduct Dec. 24, 2015 after he allegedly shouted profanity and slung racial slurs at passersby and security personnel outside of a local grocery store. Roush was the responding officer on that arrest as well as Diaz’s most recent. Roush reported then that Diaz refused a security officer’s request to leave the premises of the Kroger located at 1600 16th Street in Orange and instead threatened to kill “everyone.” The security guard then flagged down Roush, who asserted that upon his approach he could hear Diaz shouting profanity and racial slurs. Roush arrested Diaz for disorderly conduct and took him to jail.

The incident was Diaz's third arrest for disorderly conduct since March 2014, in addition to two public intoxication charges he received during the same period, and a criminal database search revealed he has a long history of run-ins with local law enforcement.

In 1999, Diaz was convicted of burglary of a habitation and burglary of a building in Orange. He got probation but also had to attend a correctional boot camp for those infractions. In 2001, according to the database, he pleaded guilty of evading arrest in 2000; in 2002, he pleaded guilty to a 2001 assault and for evading arrest.