Police arrest man with assault rifle in Orange

Police arrest man with assault rifle in Orange

Police arrested a man reportedly brandishing an AR-15 assault rifle and verbally assaulting passersby near the Capristrano restaurant on Green Avenue in Orange July 4, reports Officer Dustin Myers. 

According to a police report from Myers, he responded to the 1200 block of Green Avenue shortly after 10 p.m. on Independence Day after off-duty OPD Officer Dylan Mulhollan called to report an intoxicated subject displaying a rifle at the location. Mulhollan told Myers a male subject, later identified as Orange resident William Frank Bishop, 35, appeared intoxicated and was yelling at traffic passing by on Green Avenue. Mulhollan had positioned his vehicle behind the man and turned on his hazard lights in order to divert traffic away from the shouting man. Mulhollan told Myers that Bishop then began walking toward Capistrano with Mulhollan following in order to prevent the suspect from leaving until police arrived. Mulhollan said that is when Bishop walked over to the passenger side of his truck and emerged with an AR-15 assault rifle in his right hand. Mulhollan told Myers that the gun-wielding suspect then looked menacingly toward the off-duty officer while brandishing the firearm in an alarming manner.

Once on the scene, Myers approached Bishop and ordered him to the ground. Myers observed Bishop had water eyes, and reeked of an unknown alcoholic beverage, the officer stated in his report. The officer did not see the rifle Mulhollan said Bishop had been holding, so Myers walked to the Bishop's pickup truck and looked inside through the passenger-side window. On the floorboard, Myers saw the AR-15 assault rifle that Mulhollan had described. 

Myers arrested Bishop and charged him with Class B misdemeanor disorderly conduct, an enhanced charge due to the threatening display of the firearm.