Police arrest man for theft related to LetGo app scam

Jeremy Deshawn Harris

The Beaumont Police Department (BPD) has arrested a 25-year-old Beaumont man for theft related to a LetGo app fraud scam that has plagued several Southeast Texans, Officer Haley Morrow announced Aug. 16.

Jeremy Deshawn Harris is suspected of committing over 12 theft crimes using the popular LetGo app, commonly used for buying and selling used items. Harris targeted victims who were trying to sell electronics on the app, telling his marks he was a Beaumont police officer, presumably in order to gain their trust.

Police reportedly learned that Harris would tell his victims to go to a location in Beaumont, usually an apartment complex, to meet him so that he could “purchase” the item from them. Harris honed in on expensive items like TVs, cell phone, gaming consoles and other high-dollar electronics. When the victim would arrive at the set location and notify him, he would use the excuse that he was “stuck at work” and would have the victim leave the item in a common area. He would then tell the victim to drive to the police station to pick up the money from him for their item.

Detectives were able to obtain a theft warrant for Harris from one of the known cases. Harris was arrested and transported to the Jefferson County Jail. Additional charges are pending, and detectives believe there were more victims targeted by Harris who did not file police reports. Anyone impacted by the scam, who has not already done so, is asked to contact local law enforcement.

The Beaumont Police Department would like to remind citizens to use caution when buying or selling items online. Meet in a public place, never give someone property without receiving payment and bring a second person to conduct along when conducting the transactions.