Police arrest Shangri La Park trespassers for drugs, intoxication

Eric Quinn
Whitney Jefferson

Police arrested two people while investigating a parked car after hours at Shangri La Park in Orange. Both were arrested for public intoxication and one on drug charges after investigators allegedly discovered crack cocaine inside the male suspect's pocket.

According to a police report by Officer Michael Roush of the Orange Police Department (OPD), officers responded to the park at about 9:15 p.m. on Feb. 16 after receiving a call about a parked car on the property. Upon arrival at the scene, Roush spotted a male and female sitting on a park bench near a maroon 2002 Buick car. The man was identified as 26-year-old Eric Quinn of Beaumont, and the woman was identified as 27-year-old Whitney Jefferson of Orange. 

As Roush spoke with the male trespasser, the officer reportedly observed Quinn staggering as he walked and off-balance while answering questions. The officer also indicated Quinn's speech was "slow and slurred," and he displayed red, watery eyes.

"I could smell and unknown chemical smell coming from Quinn's person while standing three to six feet away," Officer Roush reported. "With the chemical smell, I believed Quinn to have been smoking (a) 'wet' cigarette or marijuana dipped into PCP."

A search of the suspects and vehicle didn't turn up any PCP, stated Roush, but the officers did find something in Quinn's pocket - a baggie of a white, powdery rock-like substance that appeared to be crack cocaine. Roush utilized a test kit at the scene that confirmed his suspicion.

Quinn was arrested for public intoxication and possession of a controlled substance; Jefferson was arrested for public intoxication. Both were taken to the Orange County Jail.

A criminal database search revealed Quinn previously served time in state jail for felony possession of a controlled substance. Jefferson also had a previous arrest and completed six months probation for a theft in 2010.