Police arrest shoplifting suspect for theft, warrants and meth

Mitchell James

A Vidor man is behind bars on $225,000 in bonds after police allegedly found methamphetamine in his possession while investigating a shoplifting incident at Wal-Mart on North Main Street.  

According to a news release from Chief Dave Shows of the Vidor Police Department (VPD), shortly after 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 18, the Street Crimes Unit was at Wal-Mart conducting "Crime Suppression Investigations" when they were alerted to a possible theft. Wal-Mart security staff reported that they saw a man remove an item from its packaging, causing damage to it, and then place it into his pants. He then removed the item from his pants and placed it on a shelf before leaving the store where he was detained. The white male was identified to be 31-year-old Blake Andrew Simmons. Simmons was transported to the Vidor Police Department for Criminal Mischief.

While conducting the investigation, it was learned a second white male was inside the store who was also involved, Shows stated in the release. The white male was located and, after a brief struggle, he was also detained. He was identified as 32-year-old Mitchell J. James. James was allegedly found to be in possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, and had two outstanding Orange County warrants for his arrest. He was also transported to the Vidor Police Department. James was later transported and released to the Orange County Correctional Facility.

“The Vidor Police Departments Street Crimes Unit is continuing to actively pursue those involved in criminal activity and target those who are actively involved with narcotics in our community,” stated Chief Shows.